Mini Media Meets... Sharon Fitzmaurice

Tell us about Sharon Fitzmaurice Holistic Wellness Coach...

My aim is to help people to help themselves. Once we take responsibility for our own healing and happiness, something amazing happens, we become the creators of our own destiny.

I have been working in the area of people's wellness since 2008 through Meditation, Reiki energy therapy, Mindfulness, Positive self awareness and Personal development. 

What do you offer?

One to One Therapy Session

I offer my clients a one to one therapy session where I work intuitively with their energy. This means that I will tune into their energy to assess what it is they need the most at this present time. We start from that point and take it one step at a time, working on emotional or mental blocks that may be holding them back in their lives. The most important part of anyone's healing is understanding what they are feeling and thinking. We get to the root of each issue and help them to build skills and techniques to work with these issues instead of trying to eliminate them, everything we have gone or are going through in life is teaching us something about ourselves, it is up to us how we learn from them. I will help you.  

Group Sessions

Healing Circles

Life has become so busy and we are finding less and less time to connect with each other.I believe we all want a community where we connect to like-minded people in a safe and friendly environment. I have been running groups since 2008 and it is amazing to see the support people offer to each other when they share their experiences with one another. We have so much to learn from each other and when we learn to open up we are helping release the taboo of speaking from our hearts and helping others to do the same. It is truly one of the most healing experiences within a group setting. We start off with relaxation exercises and I will then guide the group into a deep and relaxing guided visualisation where we encounter the deeper parts of our mind, body and spirit and really listen. In this silence we become aware of our hidden fears and worries, we acknowledge and accept them in order to let them go. Not until we are aware of how we feel can we deal wit it. 

Mindfulness Awareness Programme

Like much of my work I come from a holistic approach to everything I do, I not only guide and help people to be mindful of their daily experiences but also to be present in each moment to help them understand what they are feeling is part of that experience.  I have worked with private, school and corporate groups for the past number of years and it is all a joy to see people learning how to be more present in their personal and professional lives, knowing who they are and moving forward in their lives with a more positive approach. Mindfulness is a practise and one that must be learned like everything else we have learned to do in our lives. Once you bring this beautiful practise into your daily life, you will open up new gateways in your mind, body and spirit. 

Reiki Energy Therapy Teaching

As a Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner, I have taught many students over the years to learn to be able to help themselves and others in an intuitive and gentle way. Reiki (pronouned Ray-Key) is a gentle hands on healing energy therapy which helps to release blocked energy that otherwise should be flowing freely within our energy system. When we have blocks in our energy, sometimes as a result of trauma, fear or conditioned beliefs passed down through the years, we are not running at 100%, we are existing from day to day but not fully living the life we want or know what that life would feel like. Before any of my students become practitioners, they too must go through learning and understanding of their energy system, mind, body and spirit and in helping themselves to better understand how to heal their own issues, they in turn can help others. They will learn how to develop their intuitive abilities so they can help others not just from their own knowledge but by what is best for their clients in that moment. It is truly a doorway into self discovery and self love. 

Your workshops & retreats sound amazing, tell us about them...

As part of my own personal and professional development, I created a number of workshops and retreats over the years, in helping others learn I am also growing in confidence and creating new and exciting challenges for myself. We cannot ask everyone else to grow and learn if we are not doing so ourselves. 

Each workshop or retreat offers a special theme that we will work deeper into what it means to each person, we are all individuals, so no two people we see,hear or feel the same things, this is what makes every training I do with people exciting and always fun. We commit a day or weekend to ourselves and in that commitment we are choosing to accept the change we want to create in our lives. 

Exciting times ahead for the launch of your new book in December 2017, what's it all about?

I am currently in the process of finishing my book which is to be launched this year, it is an awareness and of healing, recovery and ongoing mindful awareness that we all need love and support. I hope it gives you all the courage to share your story too. 

Like our lives, our stories are forever changing, our start in life remains the same but we can always change the ending
— Sharon Fitzmaurice

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