Unique Photography and Video Services capturing your business for the world to see

It's a Wonderful Life

Producing unique photography and visually stunning documentary style timeless promo videos that feature you and your business is one of the many talents of Julia & Kenny the dynamic duo behind Wonderfulife Productions. 

Working with Julia and Kenny is a dream... in fact I call them the dream team!!!  Their warm and charming personalities are so infectious and their work ethic is second to none. Wonderfulife Productions never fail to capture moments and emotions that you will instantly fall in love with. 

The perfect couple...Julia the lady behind the lens capturing the unique and flawless photo's and Kenny the man behind the video camera brining your stories to life on screen, this pair totally complimenting each other.

Photo source: Wonderfulife Productions

Photo source: Wonderfulife Productions

A picture is worth a thousand words 

The importance of professional photos for your business:

Investing in professional photos for your business website is a must.  First impressions count and a single image is more valuable than tonnes of words.  When it comes to the appearance of your website, simple, clean and professional will make you stand out from your competitors.  

We are a visual culture. A strong photography creates more conversions by capturing the imagination and helps us understand context without needing to read the print.  It's so important to get your customers attention and then keep it!!!  Great photos are an investment that pays for itself tenfold when done with care and love.

The power of video 

The importance of video marketing for your business: 

Video marketing should now form part of your promotion toolbox.   Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there.   Videos build trust and allows you to build long term relationships.   

Video content can tug on peoples emotions and can foster trust as well.  Not forgetting google loves videos.  If you have a video embedded into your website you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google.  

When it comes to launching a new product or service a video is key and video encourages social engagement and shares.   Video marketing is becoming more and more affordable and widespread but make sure if you are going to do it, do it right!!!!

Proudly presenting...

The wonderful work of Julia & Kenny, Wonerfulife Productions

I had the pleasure of working with Wonderfulife Productions on this recent video for my client Wigs at... Bellissimo.  What I love so much about this video is that Julia and Kenny captured the passion, sincerity and expertise of the wig consultant Rita.  This video is informative, engaging and professional.