Mini Media Meets... Kerry Manning - Personal Branding Specialist and Marketing Coach

 Kerry Manning

Personal Branding Specialist and Marketing Coach

Tell us about Kerry Manning

I love life.  I am a marketer, a blogger, a speaker, an artist and art teacher and a writer.  

Despite varied interests, my passion is marketing, a field I have worked in for over 30 years.  I get really excited about the marketing process especially branding.  The brand is the core of any marketing plan and I love working with clients to help them develop their personal brand, and in turn develop this into a marketing strategy that delivers tangible results.

We live in a world where everything is online and a strong personal brand and message is very important. We are unique and finding that uniqueness and marketing it is what makes us successful.

What do you offer?

I offer a solution to the busy business person who is overwhelmed by marketing and especially getting themselves out there.  Coaching is a really cost effective way of focussing yourself on what you need in terms of brand and marketing.

Each programme consists of personalised one to one coaching over a period of three or 6 months. It is all individual to your company and challenges and targeted and results driven.  It isn’t a generic course, but rather an investment in your business designed to make a difference to sales.

By using customised practical assignments we work together to develop a brand and a strategy that is unique to your business.  A brand that will draw customers to you.

It is really a combination of coaching and consulting.  We work through a process I call the marketing wheel, where we distil your brand, clearly identify your target customer and the challenges he faces.  Every customer profile is unique and figuring out how your customer consumes information if vital. Finally we look at how you can deliver a solution to your customer’s needs and make the sale.

How does this support the work of a marketing agency such as Mini Media

The two processes work in perfect harmony.  The coaching process is about planning and creating the core brand – getting the messaging right.  An agency such as Mini Media is perfect to make sure that it all happens.  If your brand and message is clear and consise, your logo, website and social media strategy will flow beautifully and will definitely deliver results.  

How is the coaching delivered

I generally work on Skype or Zoom as I find that this is the most time economical for my clients.  Each session is an hour long, but there is definitely a need to put time aside for putting the ideas and techniques into practice.

How can people get in contact with you?

Ideally by email on or via Linkedin or Facebook.