Social media is a power to be reckoned with!  Social media channels create a direct line of communication between your company and consumers and give anyone with an Internet connection instant access to the latest buzz around your products or services. Not to mention, they can help you to generate revenue, while building your brand presence.


Social Media Management & Consultation

Create social media marketing campaigns that work independently or form an integral part of the overall advertising and marketing strategy. Mini Media will work with the client to create engaging content and in turn generate business. Mini Media will offer clients the opportunity to reach the maximum potential that this medium can achieve for their business.

Social Media Training For Business

Provide educating and training in the areas of social media that best suits your business as well as advise on best practices or deliver the complete solution across social monitoring, content planning and reporting. Mini Media will evaluate the options that are available at a FREE CONSULTATION and design the programme to ensure that you get maximum benefits and learn how to effectively engage with fans or followers.  Mini Media can train you as a team or part of a wider group to ensure that you start off on the right track.  Our training can be tailored to suit you as full day(s) or several separate sessions.