Mini Media Meets...Dolores Andrew Gavin, CEO Irish Health Hour

Tell me about your own background?

After almost 20 years working in law where I qualified as a Legal Executive and held a Diploma in Legal Studies I embarked on a new journey into health and wellness.    This was partly due to economic circumstances and partly due to my new role as Mum!!  

I had always had an interest in natural health and wellness and have spent the last 8 years re training.   My studies have included Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine including Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki Master, Empowerment Coach, Soul Care Practitioner, Soul Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence, Aromatherapy and a few more!!!  I am also an Author of two children’s bi-lingual books and associated emotional intelligence website

Tell us a little bit about IrishHealthHour

IrishHealthHour is a national and international interactive health and wellness community.    It is a place where all things health and wellness are discussed and shared and, where people can come to promote what they do.   

I have always enjoyed networking and organising events and during my time involved in Junior Chamber Galway in the ‘90s I chaired many projects including the Tourist Guide twice!  I was also Chapter President of Junior Chamber Galway in 1998.  So I combined a lot of the older skills I had under my belt with the newer ones I was learning and brought together a community for networking in the health and wellness field.  

I also founded the Global Emotional Health Summit, a week long on line Summit where 18 experts from all over the world took part in a series of interviews on all things emotional and mental health.    It was a huge success and I had over 300 subscribers from all corners of the globe logging on to hear the calls throughout the course of the week. 

I also had many members from the IrishHealthHour community chatting all things health and wellness in a special “fireside chat” series which aired over December and early January.

How is IrishHealthHour an interactive platform?

It is interactive in that there is a hashtag hour every Saturday morning from 11 – 12 am GMT #irishhealthhour.   On this hashtag hour people can network with others in any area of health and wellness.    

There is a chance to be a guest on the hashtag hour (part of the paid community plan) where you get to promote what you do and be available on the hour to interact with people.   Your company get a weeks promotion before the hour across all platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+  

The topics included in the health and wellness community are varied and people can benefit from learning something new, whether it be a mindset skill or a recipe for a healthy soup or vegan bread!  

It is always “open mic” too though on the hour for all things health and wellness and you are welcome to shout out what it is you do even if you are not the guest!   It is like networking in a friendly environment, except you are tweeting!!!

Do you have to be in the health and wellness business to take part?

Yes, if you are promoting your work it has to be health and wellness related.  BUT if you are looking for a recipe, a yoga practitioner, a bottle of essential oil, a fitness expert or a reflexologist then you can come along and ask a question to find who or what you are looking for.   

In that way you have a chance to possibly chat or should I say “tweet” with the practitioner you may end up working with.   It is a great way for people to know whether or not they will resonate with people too.  Business does take place on the hour! We also discuss community issues with guests who have an expertise in a particular area.       

Does it cost to join the hashtag hour?

No not at all.  IrishHealthHour has lots of free resources.   One of these is the hashtag hour which happens every Saturday as I mentioned from 11 – 12 am GMT.    There is also an informative blog on the web site and listings of workshops all over Ireland or farther afield.

Tell me about the subscription web site

There is the paid part of IrishHealtHour which you can become a member off, should you wish to.

The web site offers a host of services including:    

  • You can have a blog done on your health and wellness product or service;

  • This may include a site visit if required,

  • A Zoom interview where you can explain all about what you do.  This will then be on and you can embed it on your website too.

  • A chance to be guest on the hashtag hour.

  • Social media coverage

  • Advertising your events/workshop/product

  • Health and wellness campaigns

  • and much more!   

Pricing is very affordable and you can check out details below:

Where can people find you

The web site is 

You can also follow on:

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