You can't afford not to have a website

You can't afford not to have a website

Are you a small business owner, start-up company or do you work freelance and want to make the best impact online?  You know you need a website but there are so many obstacles in your way including the cost and time constraints.  You love your business but you feel overwhelmed at the thought of going online!  All these feelings are normal but you can’t afford not to have a website.

Here are some of the key reasons why you need a website in 2017: 

No 1 – An Online Presence is Vital

A website is the perfect online window to display all of your work, and it’s only a click away from potential money in the bank.  By having a website you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience.  Potential customers can find out about you, your products and services, and contact you directly. It’s also an easy way to update your existing customers on what’s new.

 No 2 – Grow Your Customer Base


Over 3.7billion users accessing the internet and it’s growing by the second. Everyone has internet access so if you don’t have a website you are automatically missing out on a massive piece of the pie which you can’t afford.  

No 3 - Build Your Brand and Credibility

aving a website for your business will automatically increase your business value.  An online presence allows you to build your brand in a professional manner and it implies you are here to stay giving you and your business credibility.  

No 4 – Become an Influencer


A website allows you to be creative and unique and even become an influencer.  You can use your website to showcase your portfolio, products and services. Creating a blog on your website further builds your profile as an industry expert.  By creating regular content Google will fall in love you and might even feature your business on the first page of the google search engine.  

Mini Media, works with businesses helping them transition from bricks ’n mortar to a successful online entrepreneurs.  We start by creating a modern, responsive, fully functional website which will attract and engage new customers supported by social media and email marketing.  

As business owners our top list of priorities are focusing on attracting and retaining clients, tracing workflow, reducing admin time, reducing costs, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to have your business online in 2017.  

Humans are an impatient, easily frustrated bunch and want to find answers from a simple online search in seconds.  You want your business to be found from this simple search don’t you?’

Mini Media has already helped many small and medium sized organisations to get online without a hefty price tag and coding headaches. Research among businesses highlighted the need for another option, which has led to the creation of Build A Website in 1 day workshop.

This step-by-step workshop will allow you to build your own website in 1 day at a very affordable price. Places are limited for this workshop to only a few participants to ensure that you have a slick and professional website at the end of a single day.  You will also be able to manage your website independently which is a further cost saving. 

This 1 day workshops takes place on Friday the 16th June 2017 from 10 am - 4pm in the Harbour Hotel Galway.  The workshop is facilitated by Sinéad Carroll,  digital marketing strategist and web designer.

This workshop is suitable for SME’s, entrepreneurs and bloggers. This course offers hands on, interactive training and guides you through a step by step process to create a personal or business website of your own.

Mini Media delivers Digital Marketing, Social Media Solutions and Web Design for small to medium size businesses.  They help clients get online, develop and use social media platforms to target their markets and develop their brand, as sometimes you simply may not have time to do it yourself.