What Is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?  

Digital Marketing is the the use of the internet to market a brand, product, business etc.  By creating an online identity for your brand, it will increase your brand image and awareness. You can also reach a wider targeted audience more efficiently. 

Digital Marketing is great for start ups as the cost is minimal.  Here are a few ways you can implement digital marketing into your business. 

  • A Website is the perfect place to start with Digital Marketing.  Your website content is essential and you will need to maintain it regularly and optimise the page content. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), by creating essential content and maintaining it regularly will determine  your websites presence (page ranking) on the search result in search engines so its important to practice good SEO. 
  • Social Media, by publishing and sharing information on platforms such a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram gives your brand exposure. Each platform has it's pros and cons for each brand and using the various networks with good results takes analysis and planning.
  • Email Marketing still proves to be effective, so use newsletters to communicate your message.
  • Content Creation, by keeping your site content fresh, relevant and up to date means there is activity around the site.  Creating regular high quality and informative content in the form of a blog post will ensure visitors keep returning to your site. 
  • Google Analytics, its very important to monitor your website and the benefits of great web analytics include Customer Insight (who, where, what and when), Strategic Insights (content, email, social, key word analysis and targeting) and Sales and Lead Generation.