Mini Media delivers Digital Marketing and Social Media Solutions as well as Web Design for small to medium size businesses.  We help clients get online, develop and use social media platforms to target their markets and develop their brand, as sometimes you simply may not have time to do it yourself.  

We take the marketing headaches away to allow you to focus on your key business. My team and I can give you the tools and techniques to create a clear, organised plan for your business.   We can assist you in starting small and building a marketing plan that will give you a return on your investment. 

No need to feel overwhelmed, let Mini Media take your business from Bricks ’n Mortar to a successful online business.  Start with creating a modern, responsive, fully functional website and see how you can start attracting and engaging with new customers through social media and email to get more word of mouth referrals.   

Mini Media can provide a number of services, including Digital Campaigns, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Management and Consultancy, Web Design and E-Commerce Solutions.  We are based in Galway but have clients across the country. 

To build your online presence, get more traffic, convert more leads and grow your business contact us today for free consultation on (083) 1022553 or email minimediairl@gmail.com.